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Bauer Ag5nt Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Ag5nt Senior Hockey Stick

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New in 2022. Bauer has introduced the Bauer AG5NT Hockey Stick, which is unlike anything seen in hockey before. The Bauer AG5NT stick, which uses the innovative material BORON to transform the game, is Bauer's lightest and most advanced stick yet.

The Bauer AG5NT stick is the only one in the industry to use the unique qualities of BORON, a novel, ultra-lightweight fiber material that provides two important performance benefits: the lightest Bauer stick ever and the fastest release they've ever manufactured. Bauer achieves this by combining BORON with carbon fiber components. When completely filled, the AG5NT stick generates an energy boost, resulting in a lightning-fast release. When it comes to getting the puck off the blade as quickly as possible, AG5NT is unmatched.

Outside of the aerospace and defense aeronautics industries, Bauer is the only hockey brand with exclusive rights to Specialty Materials Inc, the world's sole manufacturer of BORON fibers fused with high-grade carbon fibers. This combo is assisting Bauer in changing the game forever.

The Bauer AG5NT stick uses a simple formula: BORON = lightest Bauer stick ever + fastest Bauer release ever. If you are an exceptional level player seeking for a stick that will offer you a devastating advantage with every shot, look no further than the Bauer AG5NT Intermediate Hockey Stick.

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