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Bauer Nexus SYNC Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Nexus SYNC Senior Hockey Stick

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With their Nexus hockey stick line, which is new for the 2022–21 season, Bauer is revolutionizing the game. The Nexus stick line, which is made to control the game, will make stickhandling, shooting, and passing feel natural, freeing you up to concentrate on the next move. The Bauer Nexus Sync Senior Hockey Stick, equipped with pro-grade technology, delivers unparalleled performance and a previously unattainable degree of stick-to-player connectivity.

Beginning with the construction of the Bauer Nexus Sync, Bauer continues to use their amazing 5-sided shaft geometry, known as ER SPINETECH, which permits less carbon fiber layers in the crucial sticking area. The stick will gain from this in a lot of ways. The five-sided design offers a distinct feel that maximizes sensation and control by molding to the player's hands. Additionally, it speeds up the energy transfer to the blade. You get a stick that can be used for both rapid and powerful shots when you combine it with the optimized mid-kick flex profile, which makes it simpler to lean into your shots.

Bauer's ACL 2.0 shaft technology is used in the shaft of the Bauer Nexus Sync. This extremely light carbon fiber material is stacked carefully to increase shaft strength and longevity while drastically lowering weight. This makes the stick's weight of 365 grams possible. Their innovative CONNECTECH technology, which consists of a flexible rubber coating extending from the handle to the blade of the stick, is paired with this. This is intended to increase the player's stick-to-stick contact for optimal feel and control in all ice conditions.

Additionally, Bauer's unique one-piece molding method, which offers the best balance and control for shooting, passing, and stickhandling, was used in the construction of the Nexus Sync. This allows the player and stick to have constant energy flow in any ice condition.

The Nexus Sync blade has a responsive rubber layer that not only provides stability but also gives the player maximum feel and control over the blade thanks to Bauer's extension of CONNECTECH into the blade.

If you are an Elite level player looking for a stick that gives you unprecedented connection to your stick and maximum control, look no further than the Bauer Nexus Sync Senior Hockey Stick.

70 Flex - 60"

77 & 87 Flex - 62"

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