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CCM FT Ghost Senior Hockey Stick

CCM FT Ghost Senior Hockey Stick

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Starting in 2020, prominent NHL players sought CCM for a new hybrid kick-point stick, commonly referred to as the Red Rocket (owing to its special appeal among Calgary Flames players), which quickly became the most requested stick at the NHL level. CCM has finally delivered this stick to the masses with the CCM FT Ghost Senior Hockey Stick!

Drawing on feedback from top professionals, the Ghost features a previously Pro-Only "C" geometry that fits well in the player's hands.

CCM's Skeleton+ technology has returned from the Jetspeed line. With more consistent manufacture, this taper technology will not only give a better and lighter-feeling stick, but it will also be more reliable during critical moments in any game situation.

The FT Ghost has a Hybrid kick-point, which is meant to provide the best of lightning-fast release and tremendous power. This is accomplished by sandwiching a highly stiff flex zone between two softer flex zones, beginning immediately below the Jetspeed logo, resulting in a hinge-like effect within the shaft. This design helps players to get quick shots off in confined locations while still letting hefty shorts fly from the blue line.

Finally, the Ghost has a distinctive X-Soft Pro Blade. For the previous three seasons, this design has been the most popular among CCM players in the NHL.

If you are an elite-level player looking for the greatest and most popular CCM stick in the NHL, the CCM FT Ghost Senior Hockey Stick is the one for you!

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