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CCM FT6 Pro Senior Hockey Stick

CCM FT6 Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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To further enhance its hybrid kickpoint stick, CCM is launching a new blade and Nanolite shield, which will enable them to create the lightest and most balanced CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Senior Hockey Stick to date. With this stick, you'll get flawless shots every time and an incredible feel in your hands.

The Jetspeed FT6 Pro is a continuous improvement to the Jetspeed line, utilizing CCM's Skeleton+ technology. With more consistent manufacture, this new taper technology will not only produce a better and lighter-feeling stick, but it will also be more reliable during critical moments in any game situation.

This year's FT6 Pro shaft features innovative Nanolite Shield technology. This is a redesigned shaft that incorporates thicker carbon fiber layers. This shields the ultra-light core, allowing for significant weight savings while maintaining durability. This gives the stick an unequaled feel in the player's hands.

CCM's unique Sigmatex Spread Tow carbon, which is specifically intended for player sticks, improves the FT6 Pro's construction even more. This weave improves the durability and strength of the previous generation, while also making the FT6 Pro more balanced and lighter than ever. Along with it, there is a new FT microfeel grip, which is a raised grip added to the bottom margins of the shaft's midsection to improve feel and control.

The RR-100 Blade with nanolite technology is a new improvement for the Jetspeed FT6 Pro. This is the lightest and stiffest CCM blade ever made, providing excellent shot speed and control. This continues to improve the stick's overall balance and control.

Finally looking to further enhance overall comfort and feel, CCM has continued with their R-Geometry shape which provides this stick with rounded edges, concave sides, and a shape that is incredibly streamlined. The result is an ultra-comfortable, high-performance stick preferred by pros.

If you are an elite-level player looking for a hybrid kick stick that will give you exceptional control, feel, and elite performance, look no further than the CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Senior Hockey Stick.

70,75,80,85 Flex – 60”

95 Flex – 62”

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