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CCM TACKS AS-VI Pro Senior Hockey Stick

CCM TACKS AS-VI Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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The CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro Senior Hockey Stick sets a new benchmark for blade and stick construction! Stronger wrist shots are on the way, thanks to recent breakthroughs in carbon layering technology!

The Tacks AS-VI Pro will feature a modern mid kickpoint instead of the old mid kick. The new modern mid kick, which has a softer mid-section for maximum energy storage when loading the stick, has been tweaked to perform better with wrist shots. This will help aggressive shooters to achieve faster puck speeds and more consistent stick handling and shots. Using their Skeleton+ shaft for the stick taper, which is a superior manufacturing procedure, will improve dependability and longevity in this important component of the stick. This allows for more consistent and faster shots, regardless of where you are on the ice.

CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro shafts are made with their high-performance Nanolite Carbon Layering technology with Sigmatex spread tow. This ingenious stacking of the fibers helps create a stick that is both extraordinarily light and extremely strong.

Tacks AS-VI Pro retains the AS-V's Variable "V" shaft geometry. This revised shaft shape makes it easier and more consistent to load the stick, which increases wrist shot power. The form transition along the shaft provides excellent comfort and grip. The ultrafast microfeel grip complements the saft geometry. This graphically integrated increased grip on the md-section of the shaft ensures optimal feel and stick control.

Finally, the AS-VI Pro has a new Acufeel 3 soft blade with Helicoid technology for increased durability and longer-lasting pop. The new design, which employs carbon layers that are appropriately oriented in smaller increments than any previously observed blade, aids in the dissipation of energy from in-game strikes, letting the blade to retain its integrity for longer.

If you are a top level player looking for the lightest and strongest stick to consistently deliver powerful wrist shots, go no further than the CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro Senior Hockey Stick!

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