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CCM Trigger 8 PRO Senior Hockey Stick

CCM Trigger 8 PRO Senior Hockey Stick

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Introducing the all-new CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Senior Hockey Stick, with lightning-fast release and incredible feel! With important innovations like as an innovative foam insert in the heel of the blade and Nanolite Shield technology, this is the greatest Trigger stick CCM has ever manufactured!

Starting with the stick, the Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro incorporates CCM's revolutionary Nanolite Shield carbon layering technology. This reengineered design incorporates two thinner carbon fiber layers sandwiched between two thicker layers to provide significant weight savings without sacrificing durability. Finally, the outer barrier, comprised of unidirectional carbon fibers with Sigma STP weave, provides enhanced protection against in-game collisions.

The Trigger 8 Pro continues the Ribcor history, using CCM's ergonomic E-Geometry, which is designed to provide seamless energy transfer and maximize puck release speed.

When combined with the E-Geometry, the Skeleton+ taper improves reliability and durability in crucial game moments.

Finally, the typical Ribcor low kick point shaft has a gradual decrease in stiffness at the bottom to allow for faster loading and release, resulting in more pop on every shot.

CCM's DualFeel technology is introduced on the blade of the Trigger 8 Pro, marking a significant advancement. An unique dampening foam insert at the heel of the blade reduces vibrations and improves acoustics during stick handling and passing. However, the tried and true foam core remains in the middle and toe areas to provide the classic rapid release on shots. Finally, a Sigma STP wrap provides unparalleled durability.

If you're an exceptional player seeking for a stick with a low kick point and quick loading feel for faster releases, go no further than the CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Senior Hockey Stick!

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